Latest Covid-19 Updates

Our company are part of essential services and we would like to address that all our workers are not living in dormitories but in residential with good living conditions. Proper Precautions has been implemented across everyone in the company to ensure good hygiene and mask-on during all on-site visitation and works. Feel free to consult with us!

About Us

Roofwerkz Pte Ltd is an established roofing company set up in 2009. We specialize in both commercial and residential clay tiled and metal roof waterproofing, roof repairs, new roofs construction, … (Read More)


We choose to disregard contract value in all projects as we believe our service standards should not be priced just by the value of the project. Therefore, we choose to uphold similar client experience throughout!


One of the key juncture that sets us apart from other service providers is that all our recurring clients know they could trust us in any event and regardless of such, we always deliver!