September 5, 2015

Construction of buildings has never been so fast and efficient ever since the emergent of MGO (Magnesium Oxide) boards.  These boards are light weight, non-toxic, waterproof and fire resistant.   They are also mold, fungus and insect resistant.

MGO boards are easy to work with even with simple hand tools yet they are strong enough to be used for the construction of buildings.  It has excellent adhesion to wallpapers, acrylic, stones, bricks, stucco,  etc.

MGO boards can be found in the construction of Taipei 101.   MGO sheeting was used on the inside and outside of all the walls, fireproofing beams and as well as the sub-floor sheathing.

Using MGO boards not only reduces the number of man days in construction, it also reduces the cost of the entire construction project.

As it is recyclable and environmentally friendly, building constructed with MGO boards will reduce carbon footprint and slow down global warming.

The above are good reasons to start your next project using MGO boards.  Talk to us today for more information on MGO boards.