September 10, 2015

Most people would not give a second thought about plants growing on their roof tops or gutter area.  Generally, they would leave the plants alone.  Bad decision.  Although the plants may look harmless, they create more damage to your rooftop and RC gutter than you think.

As the plants begin to grow in size, so do their roots.  The roots will force their way into the concrete to stabilize themselves.  Thus creating cracks that allow rain water to seep through into your ceilings eventually.

The best solution is to remove the plants as soon as they grow.  However, if the plant has already taken root into the concrete, it is advisable to get a roofing expert to remove the plant.  After removing the plants completely, there will be cracks where the plants were.  This area has to be waterproofed thoroughly to prevent rain water from seeping through.

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