As part of our initiative for sustainable green and clean construction, Roofwerkz will be using MGO (magnesium oxide) boards, a green alternative to dry construction of new and existing developments.

These innovative boards have the following advantages:

  • Lightweight & recyclable
  • Grade A fire resistant
  • Mold, insects resistant
  • Impact resistance, very tough, no cracks, no strips or run throughs
  • Water resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Sound insulation
  • Extremely durable
  • Insulation against hot and cold weather
  • Environmental friendly, non-toxic
  • Easy and swift construction process using MGO boards
  • Flexible and easy to saw, bore, shape, screw on etc.
  • Excellent adhesion for wallpaper, stone, brick, acrylic stucco, etc.

Using MGO boards to replace the traditional brick and mortar conventional system can improve construction time.

It also drastically reduces the construction cost as compared to conventional methods.  Contact us today @ 6844 0044 to discuss how we can help you construct a stronger building at a lower cost.